Clients who have benefitted from RigRun®

What people are saying about RIGRUN®

“One of our participants was injured and struggling with his return to work. During RigRun® he got really involved, visiting the gym much more often than usual. He has really helped his recovery and now manages the stairs with ease, and his limp is all but gone. He also lost so much weight that his diabetes and blood pressure is vastly improved. He is no longer relying on drugs to control his condition, relying on good diet instead!”

“… We are seeing individuals in our gym that would normally break sweat at the thought of physical exercise and the team have fully entered into the spirit of the event…”

“... I would like to say this has been great for me personally. It got me off my backside to do something that I used to do in my youth … Over the RigRun® event I have found my fitness has improved and I intend to continue this after it comes to an end."

“… I will use the next decade and possibly beyond to do some activity every week. Fifties is the new forties and boy do I feel up for it …”

“… It is a fantastic initiative and a great way to make people go to the gym ...”

“… It was a great way to stimulate people's gym use ...”

“… Some magnificent efforts put in by our ... athletes. That includes myself; 15 miles before 04:15 … We have had a few requests for a new bike saddle as there are a number of sore backsides out there. I am not surprised with the time some are spending in the saddle …”

“I believe that it shows that we as a company are addressing the physical, mental and social well-being of our offshore employees, and ultimately promoting a healthier workforce.”

“I’ve been competitive for the first time in a very long time! Thanks to everyone on the installation and RigRun®, it’s certainly driven me on and I’ve probably done 50% more than I normally would … next stop is the bathroom scales when I get home tonight!”

“One of our participants shortly before the start of RigRun® failed his ERT (Emergency Response Team) Medical (Chester Step Test). Determined to pass this and remain part of the team, along with his colleagues who gave him great encouragement he began RigRun®, during his two week trip he clocked up 124 miles and 808 minutes of exercise. This is a man who would normally never look inside a gym. On Wednesday he passed his ERT Medical and was given a full two year medical. He returns today and I’m sure he will keep up the effort. So for that individual and the platform and the company we have a Fire Team Member back, you can’t put a price on that (I’m sure you could actually in terms of training another member and the potential for him to lose his job).”

All medics reported that it was good value for money and that it was a good experience for their crew.

“As a medic, it’s all about engaging crew members into a healthier lifestyle, and in my opinion, RigRun® ticks all the right boxes. I had discussed with management the idea of RigRun® and they embraced it, realising the importance of exercise in terms of losing weight and the obvious health benefits. When I ask people their reasons for doing this, I get all sort of motivating factors, from wanting to fit into a kilt for a wedding to wanting to beat a co-worker for fun. I’ve witness one crew member lose over 7kg over the space of two trips with the help of RigRun®.”

“The touchscreen tablet devices are a definite improvement on traditional health promotion methods. It is easy to use and easy to install in the gym as well.”