The 6-week event is broken down into a 4-week group stage and a 2-week finals stage. During the initial 4-week group stage, your offshore team will be assigned to a group whereby you will be competing against a maximum of three other offshore teams of a similar sized POB. The aim of the group stages is for your team to work together to score as many points as possible. At the end of the 4-week group stages, the two installations in each group with the highest number of points go through to the RigRun finals to compete for the RigRun Winners’ Cup. The two installations with the lowest number of points in each group, go through to the runner-up finals to compete for the Challenge Shield. So, no offshore teams at any stage get knocked out of the competition. At the end of the group stages, the touchscreen tablets will show which teams have made it to the cup division and which teams have been allocated to the runner-up Challenge Shield division.



To win 1-point for your team you need to clock-up 60-minutes of exercise in 1 x 24-hour period. To win 2-points for your team you need to clock-up 90-minutes of exercise in 1 x 24-hour period. An individual competitor can only clock-up a maximum of 2-points for their team in any single 24-hour period. Despite the cap on 2-points per day per competitor, some competitors choose to exercise for longer than 90-minutes in any one day. This is usually because they wish to compete in the Top-10 leader-boards.



According to cardiovascular exercise equivalents from Penn State University, 30 minutes of strength training that make you breath more quickly and sweat is equivalent to one mile of cardiovascular exercise. As such, strength training does count as mileage and points in this year’s competition. So, if you complete 30-minutes of strength training you should enter into the touchscreen tablet 1-mile/30 mins of exercise on the treadmill. 



In the two weeks finals stage, your team will have been allocated to the cup stages or Challenge Shield (runner-up) stages. Each offshore team in the Cup and Challenge Shield divisions will play 3-conttests each. During a ‘contest’ you will play against another offshore team in your division. Schedule information is displayed on your touchscreen tablet. Each contest lasts 72-hours. During a ‘contest’ the aim is to try and score more points than your opponent team in order to ‘win your bout’.

The team that wins the most contests is the team that wins the RigRun Winners’ Cup or Challenge Shield. So, if your team win three out of three matches and no other team in your stage has won three matches then your team wins. If, however, another team have won three matches as well, then it will be down to the total number of points scored in your contents as to who has won. We do try to avoid this however, by setting up contest so that winners play winners, in order try and reduce the likelihood of two teams having a draw.

In order to score points for your team in the 2-week finals stage, please see ‘how do I score a point for my team?’



Each competing installation is limited to the use of one treadmill, one cross-trainer, one bike and one rowing machine for the duration of the competition. This means that installations with smaller gyms are not at an unfair disadvantage to larger assets with more than four pieces of cardiovascular machinery.

There is a handicap system to make it fairer for assets with small to medium sized POBs to compete fairly against larger sized POBs. Shortly before the start of the RigRun competition, the onboard medic will be required to submit the size of your current POB. If your installation has a POB of less than 30, each point you score is tripled to 3-points. For installations with a POB of less than 65 – each point you score is doubled to 2-points. The handicap system operates through both the 4-week group stages and 2-week final stages.



60-minutes of exercise to win a RigRun® water bottle

150 minutes of exercise to win a RigRun® official t-shirt

500-minutes of exercise to win a pair of Oddball pants or socks.

Where 60 or 90 minutes of exercise in any single 24-hour period is required to score one or two points for your team, there are also no time limitations on the minutes required to win prizes. So, you can do 10 mins on the treadmill every day for 6-days in a row and on the sixth day, when you enter your work-out onto the touchscreen tablet, it will tell you that you have won a water bottle. The prizes are usually held and distributed by the medic in the sick-bay.

In order to ensure prizes are distributed correctly, the medic will receive a prize report once a week by email. This report details the names of contestants and the prizes they have won. It is up to the medic how they wish to distribute prizes. They can distribute them as they are won by participants, or collectively at say a Sunday Safety Meeting.



The RigRun tablet software has been specially created to highlight unusual exercise entries in the offshore tablets. Each day of the 6-week competition, the RigRun administrator carefully checks all the highlighted exercise entries. Sometimes someone forgets their specs and enters a typo, or they have been so shaky after their workout, they have added an extra zero to their mileage! These mistakes are easily recognisable and are quickly rectified by the RigRun administrator. In other cases, the RigRun administrator may need to contact the offshore medic to discuss the participant’s exercise entries and their validity. If you do think you have made a mistake on touchscreen tablet when entering your exercise, please send us an email detailing your name and the mistake you have made. RigRun will sort this within 24-hours of receipt. The email address is



The leader-board competitions continue all the way through the 6-weeks of the RigRun competition without any breaks. Displayed on your tablet are top-10 leader-boards for running, cycling, rowing, the x-trainer, weight lifting, aerobic workouts and step-counts including leader-boards for male and females. Separate leader-boards are displayed on your tablet for both miles and minute categories in each of the afore-mentioned classifications. At the end of the 6-weeks contestants achieving 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each of the Top-10 leader-boards win a RigRun sweatshirt (1st) and Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals (1st, 2nd and 3rd Place). 



To give your team the best chance of winning, get as many onboard involved as you possibly can. Because an individual is limited to achieving two points a day, RigRun cannot be won by a platform that has a few individuals doing a lot of exercise each day. The secret for success is lots of individuals onboard doing a little each day. Another tip is to try and utilise the gym equipment throughout the day—instead of everyone going at ‘peak-times’ and waiting in queues to get on.

Encouraging colleagues to get down to the gym, often boils down to a couple of RigRun advocates onboard who are really good at motivating and communicating with others. This year we have decided to recognise these individuals more formally by awarding them ‘team captain’ status. These individuals are easy to spot because they will be wearing RigRun team captain t-shirts.