The Competition

The RigRun Warriors event runs from 28 August to 9 October 2019.

RigRun is designed to increase exercise levels and get people into the gym that normally wouldn't consider it.

Personnel score points for their installations by walking, running, rowing, cycling, cross-training, aerobic workouts, step counts or weight training in their offshore gym. Offshore installation teams compete against other installations around the world.


Individuals can win prizes for minutes spent exercising; these are set at a realistic level to appeal to new gym users.

As well as prizes for lower levels of achievement, RigRun has also set targets at higher levels to inspire and push the regular gym users. There’s a challenge for everyone participating in RigRun.

Handicap System

To make games fairer and more competitive, installations with small and medium sized POBs are given a handicap to ensure they can compete fairly against the giants.

RigRun Statistics

  • Since 2012: over 24,000 offshore personnel from around the globe have voluntarily participated in RigRun
  • On average participation levels onboard reach 70% of the POB
  • Participants rated their overall enjoyment of RigRun 2017 as 4.5/5 or 100% of 2017 participants stated they wanted to take part in RigRun again in 2018
  • The average number of miles exercised per participant in the Summer 2017 competition was 63 – equivalent to 2.5 marathons or in Summer 2017, a total of 64,706 miles were logged as exercise in the RigRun touchscreen tablets – equivalent to 2.5 times around earth’s equator.

RIGRUN Warrior 2019

RigRun follows the format as previous events to get crews fully involved and engaged. Cabin flyers and posters are sent out to each installation and prizes are set at achievable levels to help encourage even the most inactive to join in the fun.