Who we are?

RigRun® comprises a fully qualified and highly specialised team of health professionals, including sports scientists, dietitians, sports nutritionists, personal trainers and psychology professionals. We have over 20 years’ experience working within the global offshore oil and gas industry, and understand the unique culture and specific health needs in the offshore workplace.

Unlike office personnel, remote site workers must pass annual medicals where there are strict cut-offs for BMI as well as various psychological assessments. They also have to live and work alongside colleagues in confined spaces, whilst being miles away from their family. Working patterns are also very different, with lengthy working days or night shift work, which can result in sleep deprivation and fatigue. To address these issues, we have used our knowledge and experience of remote working to develop a bespoke health and fitness initiative designed specifically to meet the health needs of the offshore workforce, and other similar remote worksites.

It is our profound understanding of the offshore culture, and our ability to motivate personnel to voluntarily participate in the RigRun® programme that has led to its success as a global initiative. RigRun® continues to evolve with the design and development of innovative touchscreen tablets, which can record and return health and fitness data – even when no Wi-Fi is present!

Our team of highly specialised health promotion professionals have laid the foundations for a successful and popular remote-worksite health and fitness initiative.

Why choose RigRun?

Our clients and the people they employ are central to the development and delivery of our programme. Our team works hard to ensure we deliver the most innovative and exciting health and fitness solutions to remote worksites all over the world. We know how busy offshore can get, so we have designed our programme to be delivered remotely by our team of health specialists, meaning no helicopter seats or bed space is needed. Remote site workers, such as personnel in the offshore environment, have to work in hazardous environments and therefore have to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness. The RigRun® programme has been based on a thorough understanding of these unique health needs, and is consistently shown to have a positive impact on workers who participate. As far as we understand, there is no other health programme in the world delivering such an enjoyable and effective experience for those making their living in remote locations.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide bespoke and effective health and wellbeing solutions that are both proven and cost effective, with the overall aim of enhancing the health and wellbeing of remote site workers.

We believe everyone should have the means to a healthy lifestyle, including those in remote worksites. In addition, we know that if employees are healthier, organisations can be more effective both in terms of productivity and safety performance.  We aim to work closely with our clients to ensure both they and their workforce have the knowledge and incentive to lead a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously and take great care with your personal data. If you don't already know your privacy rights then please visit www.knowyourprivacyrights.org. Here is a description of the personal data we collect and what we do with it:

We use Google Analytics to help us understand various things about how our website is being used. This covers which parts of our website are visited, which pages are entry points, which pages are exits and what search terms are used to find us. Google Analytics does not allow us to identify you personally, but sometimes it does store information that could be used to help identify you (e.g. IP address). We don't use that information though. We only care about the overall website statistics.

If you fill out our form on the "Contact Us" page, then we will use the personal information you provide (name, email and phone number) to get back in touch to answer your specific query. We won't use your information for any other purpose than responding to your specific query and any follow-up discussions we might have.

If you are a customer or supplier, then we'll likely have a contract between us that covers privacy and data protection.  We only use your contact information so that we can get in touch with you about Rigrun events.  We do not share your contact information with any other companies.

As part of the work we do, we collect data on workforce physical activity levels. This data is only ever used to produce aggregate reports showing how the Rigrun initiative can impact upon physical activity levels within a workforce.  As we only present group data to our clients and potential customers, you and your personal information cannot be identified within our reports.  We don't use this information for any other purpose other than to provide group data physical activity reports to and for our customers.

If you have any questions on our personal data policies and processes, or want to know what data we hold about you, or want to request we delete as much of your personal data as possible, then please email: privacy@ihs-uk.net