Sign up to the only global initiative for offshore and remote location workers, designed to improve fitness, health and stamina all year round.

Personnel are encouraged to help their team score as many points as possible by walking, running, rowing, cycling, weight training or step-counting whilst offshore. It’s a great competition where installations compete against other installations around the world.

The winners will be crowned RigRun champions, making this a fantastic opportunity for your workforce to come together and test themselves in a competition that's as much fun as it is rewarding.

It’s all in a good cause as once again RigRun is working with the Oddballs Foundation in the fight against testicular cancer. The Foundation was set up to make a difference to male health around the world. OddBalls is an underwear business where every penny goes to spreading awareness of testicular cancer.


Rigrun's innovative touchscreen tablets specially designed to work in offshore environments allows us to offer health and fitness tracking – even if there is no Wi-Fi!

All participing teams need to do is log their workout on the specially designed touchscreen tablet and real-time results will be delivered, including the latest leader board charts and individual prize updates.

This is a big step forward in offshore health improvement and makes health and fitness tracking economically viable.